Stockton is a company founded by engineers and run by engineers. Our consultants and associates are highly experienced industry figures in their own right having operated at senior level in the railway sector and with experience in the nuclear and aviation sectors. They share a passion for safety, risk and reliability management and the desire to bring their knowledge and expertise to your projects.  Our experienced consultants include-

  • thinkers & strategists
  • managers and doers
  • completer/finshers

As regards our relationships we invest in all of our relationships openly, honestly and fairly ensuring swift conflict resolution, smooth implementation and optimal delivery which means that our clients experience

  • reduced costs of compliance
  • increased confidence of expectations being met
  • reduced project risk
Our knowledge and experience including the “end to end” project delivery of safety and risk management means we know why, know what and know how at every stage of the project and operational lifecycle. Our experience in safety and risk assurance of LUL signalling systems is unsurpassed in the railway industry.
Our in-house team of consultants and associates possess all the core skills required for effective management of safety, risk and reliability from assurance planning and hazard identification through to safety case approval.
Our trusted relationships with all of our stakeholders mean that we are able to help our clients achieve their objectives efficiently, effectively and confidently.

Team selection and management

Clients can rest assured that all resources proposed for a specific commission are matched to the work  based on capability, experience  and how they will interact with the Client. This matching exercise is the key component of the Stockton team selection process and ensures that the right resources are selected to deliver all aspects of the work on time and to budget. Each team is managed by a Lead Consultant.