Stockton are flexible in how they work and there are a number of ways we can engage with Clients.  Clients typically engage us in one of three ways:

Turnkey delivery is where we deliver a phased programme of activity typically acting as the engineering safety management team over the entire lifecycle of a project or a project phase. Clients typically choose a Turnkey solution when they want:

  • Certainty of deliverables
  • Visibility and Control of budget
  • Self contained management
  • Outsourced risk

Turnkey delivery generally involves delivery of Engineering Safety Management

In our experience the earlier we are engaged, the greater the certainty of outcome, the lower the overall cost and the lower the risk to programme delivery

What we do is:

  • Scope the work and prepare the strategy and delivery plan
  • Deliver and manage the process to cost, quality and programme
  • Assign the appropriate resources to complete the work at the appropriate time”

We can deliver in-house as part of a project team or undertake the bulk of the work from our offices in Central London

The advantage of the latter is that you are spared the cost and inconvenience of providing permanent desks while still retaining easy access in London for meetings, etc.

You have greater control and visibility of costs at each stage

We also appoint a project manager from our side who reports to your project or programme manager and acts as a single point of contact

Turnkey solutions are typically priced in one of two ways:

  • Fixed-price staged payments
  • Fixed price monthly retainer

Project activities and assignments generally involve delivery of an element or elements of Engineering Safety Management to a defined scope of works by a small team e.g. the assignment to run the JNUP Operational & Support Hazard Analysis Sessions:

  • Fixed price 3 person team.
  • Developed the workshop packs,
  • Facilitated the workshop sessions,
  • Captured the results as reports and
  • Set up an action tracking spreadsheet

Clients typically choose a Projects solution when they:

  • Have a capability and/or capacity gap
  • Require specific domain knowledge and/or expertise
  • Want certainty of cost and deliverables

The main difference with the Project activity or assignment approach is that the scope of works is more limited and clearly defined

Activity is much more closely controlled and managed by the assigning project manager

We are more likely to be working in  your team though depending on the nature of the work it is also feasible to work from our offices

Project Activities are typically priced on a Fixed-price staged payments basis

Clients typically choose Specialist Expertise when they:

  • Have an open ended or undefined scope of works
  • A need for specific capability or subject matter/domain expertise in a specialist area
  • Need to meet short term peak demand at critical times

Specialist Expertise is typically priced on a day rate basis or a retainer for an agreed number of days per week or month as appropriate.

The choice of how to engage with us is up to you and is dependent upon a number of factors including:

  • the life cycle stage of the project
  • the specific scope of works
  • any need for independence required in our delivery team, for example the need to separate production of documentation and its technical review
  • how much control you want and need
  • the existing capability and capacity in the project

You have the choice to work with us in the way that best suits your needs – whether it is:

  • Turnkey delivery of the engineering safety management on a project or
  • Project activity or assignment for a specific scope of works or
  • Engaging us to supply a specialist expertise

Each offers different benefits and subject to any needs for independence the services can be used in conjunction with one another or completely separately.

We’d be delighted to support you.